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Kicks on Route 66

From Chicago to Los Angeles, US Highway 66 covers a distance of 2295 miles.

This short introduction is mainly concentrated o­n the section within Arizona.

In the 1930’s, during the Depression, over 500,000  emigrated  from the Dust Bowl to fertile lands of California.  sitgreavespass001
           Sitgreaves Pass…. o­n the way to Oatman, ArizonaThe Sitgreaves Pass provided a treacherous part of the journey. Drivers of  the Model A or Model T  Fords moving over the Black Mountains often enlisted the assistance of local residents to guide and assist them through this difficult, winding part of Route 66.



Trucks at Gas Station, Kingman

Today, there is no place, or room, for these modern trucks o­n the old route 66.  They take the ‘safe’ route of  the relatively new highway I-40, which bypasses the more difficult and dangerous parts of  Route 66.



Meteor Crater, Az

Approximately 56 miles east of Winslow at junction , you can head for Meteor Crater.  Here are the results of an impact from a meteor , over 50, 000 years ago.  The impact of the meteor , and  its effects are largely a result of  the high velocity at impact. ( If you increase the speed of an object by a factor of 10 , the energy goes up by a factor of 100 )



Holbrook , Arizona.  Wigwam Motel 

This Motel was refurbished and reopened in 1988.  Each of the wigwams structures contains luxuries such as cable-TV . A vintage car park is directly outside.!


Choose your Wigwam, at the Wigwam Motel. Located alongside Route 66, Holbrook.  Originally there were seven of these motels built between the 1930’s ands 1950’s from Florida to California. This o­ne was closed down in the 1970’s as the Interstate-40 was introduced, and traffic along Route 66 decreased dramatically. In the late 1980’s it was restored fromn an almost derelict state, and now attracts a steady stream of visitors every year….eager to recapture the spirit of adventure and fun along Route 66


The road from Ash Fork to Seligman is all yours!  Here is o­ne of the longest stretches of  Route 66 …with I-40 alongside, and glorious views ahead…


Seligman, Arizona. o­n Route 66


Seligman, Arizona. o­n Route 66


Seligman Station and hotel… now demolished! When this photo was taken there existed no fencing around this historic building…but warnings about asbestos were posted outside and clear ‘No Entry’ signs were evident.   This is an example of what used to be a welcoming stop for rail passengers, for refreshment, meals, and overnight accommodation. Fred Harvey (1835-1901) began to construct a high class chain of restaurants and hotels along the Santa Fe passenger line in 1876, after an agreement with the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe. He was given exclusive rights to manage and operate threse facilities alongside the Santa Fe’s railroads west of the Missouri River. These ‘Harvey Houses’ were known for their excellent food, and superb service. When opened in 1905, this Fred Harvey House had a floor space of over 60,000 square feet. Views of its original  interior are now kept in the University of Arizona Library


An Edsel o­n Route 66. Famous for all the wrong reasons. Plagued by problems!
Recently made more famous by its appearance o­n ‘Peggy Sue Got Married’

 route6685aRoute 66  through Flagstaff, looking East.  Taken from the Days Inn Motel. 
Flagstaff is a convenient base for visiting the Grand Canyon

Painted Desert

The Painted Desert, 29 miles east of Holbrook, is part of the Petrified Forest National Park, and is o­n the northern side of  I-40.  Here you will observe multicoloured vistas.  Soils and rocks are cover almost the whole spectrum of colours.  Such variety of colours is a result of the exposure to air and  of a wide variety of minerals , such as iron and manganese.  The contrast of the colours are best viewed at sunset or sunrise.




Petrified Forest

The Petrified Forest, 29 miles east of  Holbrook, covers an area of over 90, 000 acres of petrified trees. Over 225 milllion years ago (late Triassic period) thuis high,  parched tableland was an enormous floodplain, which was crossed by numerous streams.  Tall tree, to the north of the floodplain, were swept down, and covered with silt, mud and volcanic ash.  This covering decreased the rate of decomposition, since it prevented oxygen from the air in reaching the trees.  Over a long period, the tissue of the wood was gradually replaced by silica, which was contained in the ground water. Eventually the crystallisation of the silica resulted in the preservation of the logs, in the form of petrified wood.

 route6698aAfter World War II  Route 66 became the scene for glamour, and adventure.  The life of the open-road, and travelling across the Black  Mountains entice many film stars to travel and experience the Southwest.  These were the days of  large convertibles and rapid expansion of roadside businesses, including motels and snack bars.  



Towards Black Mountains, and Oatman


Oatman, Arizona.  No more gunfights here….except for tourists.


Marriage vows……Oatman style!

In the 1950’s Route 66 became popular with those many families taking vacations to scenic Southwest USA.   By 1953 the changes to Route 66 allowed drivers to bypass the difficult Black Mountain section



Today, the scenic beauty of Arizona, and the nostalgic visions of the past, brings many visitors along Route 66.  At Kingman, it is possible for travellers to branch off the I-66 and venture along the Route 66 across the Black  Mountains, and capture the spirit of adventure, away from motels, malls and restaurants.














On the way to Golden Shores ,  Arizona



Truck  Gas/Rest Station, Kingman, Arizona