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KS3 to KS4 Transition: ISA Guides

Here is a list of the updated Guide/Support Sheets for students who are being prepared to tackle practical activities related to KS4 ISA’s    (to be completed this weekend…)

Accuracy and Precision   accuracyprecisionfinal.doc

Dependent and independent variables  dependentandindependentfinal1.doc

Designing a Simple Table:  designing-a-simple-table.doc

Presenting Data:  Starter Activity     starter-1-presenting-data.doc

Drawing a Bar Chart :  drawing-a-bar-chart.doc

Drawing a Scattergram : drawing-a-scattergram.doc

Drawing a line graph (Help sheet) :  drawing-a-line-graph.doc

Funny Results (outlier/anomalous: example) : funny-results.doc