Weight Problems

Gap-fill exercise

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You will become if you take in more than your body needs for your lifestyle. If you are very fat you are said to be . These people have a tendency to suffer more from (joint problems), diabetes, high pressure, and disease.

If you take in less energy you will lose . People in some countries have severe problems because they do not have enough food. They are severely malnourished, and this can lead to . This increases the risk of infection and disease. It also gives rise to irregular in women.

There are many factors that contribute towards starvation.This could be a result of drought and adverse conditions which crops. Pests and disease can also destroy crops. The and political structure of countries can also have an effect on the distribution of to people. Many people simply cannot afford to food, as food becomes more expensive, through . Corruption and the inability of countries to react in a timely manner can also increase for the people who need food.